5 Types of Positioning in Network Marketing Business

In this post, I’ll explain 5 types of Positioning in network marketing, so you can understand what to do in order to start and continue this business successfully.

The 5 types of positioning in network marketing are:

  • Having a vision;
  • Being a leader;
  • Being a servant;
  • Being a teacher;
  • Providing Value.

It all starts with a…


In order to be successful in your network marketing business, it’s important to have a vision of success. You often hear people speak about success, but most people fail to explain what they mean by that. Success is a very subjective concept, although most people associate it with money, luxurious items, etc.

Don’t let anyone define your success for you, because it shouldn’t depend on people’s opinion. Only you can have your own genuine definition of success and vision thereof. Imagine what YOUR success is like, envision it, paint a picture of it in your mind, add shape and form to it, color it, bring it to life, describe it on paper, and pin it before your very eyes.

Success is where you want to be, and your current situation has no effect on your achieving it. Your current situation is irrelevant to what you want to achieve. It is not your current situation that determines your achievement, but your actions.

Change your current situation by directing your action toward achieving your envisioned success. Having no vision means having no purpose, no direction. It’s like going with the stream. Tony Robbins calls it “the Niagara Syndrome” when you go with the stream toward an inevitable fall and disaster.

Have a vision for your network marketing business. Define success. And determine your actions to achieve it.

Being a Leader

Leaders are not born. Leaders are made. Leadership is the next positioning skill that you should develop in order to become attractive to your target audience.

Leadership is an authority. Leadership is confidence. Leadership is predictability. Leadership is foresight. If you don’t know your destination, don’t call yourself a leader.

A leader is the one who has a map and knows the route from point A (current situation) to point B (desired situation).

If you don’t have leadership skills, buy books on leadership, attend seminars, and interview the leaders you know. Learn from them and apply that knowledge.

Being a Servant

A leader who has a vision is always on a mission to serve others. If you want to a solid down-line, expect to be able to serve to each member in a humble way. Serve them with your knowledge, skills, and encouragement. Answer their questions. Guide them. Love them. Care for them. Wait on them. Meet their needs. Exceed their expectations. After all, your success depends on theirs.

Being a Teacher

Did you know that the best way to learn is to teach others? The more practical knowledge you share with your downline members, the faster you grow your business.

Knowledge is an irresistible thing. And applied knowledge is power. Position yourself as a teacher and you’ll increase your authority. Learn to teach effectively. Learn to simplify difficult things and to teach them in small consumable pieces of information. And your team will appreciate it and reward you with loyalty and respect.

Providing Value

People are always attracted to all sorts of valuable things – tangible and intangible, such as jewelry, quality, care, knowledge, private house, money, respect, politeness, land, power, etc.

In network marketing, you have to position yourself as a value provider. Your set of values has to resonate with your target audience’s set of value for you to be attractive to them. What do the value that they do? Give them more of it. Or maybe they lack what you have, to meet that need of theirs.

The most valuable asset of your network marketing business is YOU. Give yourself to your audience. Become a well of knowledge and expertise to them from which they’ll be able to draw benefits for their lives. You know to make money online? Share this knowledge with them. You know to create an income-generating info product? Teach them. This is valuable. You know to and monetize a. Enrich them with this knowledge.

All people could be divided into two categories – barrels and pipelines. If you pour water into a barrel, it will become rotten and stinky overtime, absolutely useless. Or if you a pipeline to a waterless area and run water to it, the water will never become rotten. It will be fresh all the time, quenching the thirst of the thirsty.

Become a pipeline for your target audience. Quench their thirst. Replenish their lack. Give them what you have and more. Don’t hold it back like a stinky barrel. Open that tap and don’t let that water rot within you.